Why mules?


Why a mule rather than a horse? Mules are highly resistant animals with a sure footing. They think before they act, they don’t panic, and they stay calm (unlike me). You can’t make a mule do any old thing; you have to convince a mule that doesn’t agree (like me). I chose a mule selected and trained by Steve Edwards of the Queen Valley Mule Ranch. It turned out that American mules, like the distances in the USA, are much bigger than you’d expect! 

Rearing and using mules is commonplace in the United States. Mules and horses played a crucial role in conquering the West and pioneer settlements and they remain a powerful symbol. In the national parks, regulations prohibit the use of motorized transport, and so mules are employed to maintain the pathways and for all other work in these zones. Their only visible difference from a horse is often their long ears. All kinds of special competitions and shows are organized involving mules… 


 pub mule



army mule1 army mule2
mule contest2 


Mules are still used in the German army!
mules armee allemande page 001

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