Why this journey?


It’s a question people often ask me.

Well, the many and varied reasons include: 


picto raison1   To make a change from my everyday life, and escape routine 
picto raison1  To experience a nomadic lifestyle for longer 
picto raison1  To fulfill my dream of travelling for a long time
picto raison1  To slooooow down and focus on the present moment 
picto raison1  To discover the United States and meet some cowboys 
picto raison1 To turn the page on one part of my career and mark the transition to a new chapter in my life  
picto raison1  To dare to keep myself company (and my mules)  
picto raison1 To learn to trust myself, listen to myself, and find inner resources in the face of the new situations
that never fail to turn up  
picto raison1  To let go of control, because when you’re travelling you need to improvise 
picto raison1

To increase freedom of action and open up new possibilities:
yes, I did it, I dared to put my life on hold for a few months to go travelling! 



Setting off alone into wild, mountainous, open spaces also meant I had to be a little stubborn, daring and reckless 



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