picto calendrier2  25 February

Leave Paris for Montreal
Stay with my friends Fransisco, Karine and their children
A breathing space upon my arrival on the new continent!    


picto calendrier2  28 Febryary

Montreal-Phoenix: on my way to conquer the West 


 picto calendrier2 March

Training at Queen Valley Mule Ranch, Arizona  


 picto calendrier2 2 April

Transfer by van (the mule and me) from Phoenix to Silver City (New Mexico), where I joined the Great Continental Divide Trail  


 picto calendrier2 April to September


 Progression from South to North of the country, crossing New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, following the Continental Divide Trail  



 picto calendrier2 October

I sold my mules and drove with them and Paula down to New Mexico
I went to Los Angeles by train, then hired a car to visit California
I drove a Harley Davidson from San Fransisco to Seattle, then reached Vancouver by train
I went back to Montreal on the transcontinental train, a 4-day journey.


picto calendrier2  End October



Another breathing space in Montreal, Quebec, at Fransisco and Karine’s place  



picto calendrier2  9 novembre 2012 

Returned to France