Armel, my cousin, joined me for the month of September 2012, travelling from Helena (Montana) to the Canadian border.

We celebrated his 20th birthday and finished the adventure together! 





"It all happened very quickly. On the first day, I told Krystèle that I’d love to join her, but that I couldn’t imagine doing it for a whole load of reasons. On the second day, I started to look on the Internet to find out about flights and the administrative procedure for going to the United States, just because I was curious. On the third day, the words “why not?” kept running through my head. On the fourth day, there wasn’t much time left if I was going to go, so I had to decide: it was now or never.

I chose now. I couldn’t let the opportunity go by. I still can’t get my head round the fact that it’s not just kilometers, but a few days that separate me from the other end of the world. Unless, of course, I miss my connecting flight at the airport, which is in fact what scares me the most, much more than grizzlies and storms!

As well as spending time with my cousin and enjoying the views, I’ll be taking projects with me that I had planned to work on in September. The landscape will feed into my cinema projects and I’ll be able to talk to real English-speakers instead of reading my English text book at home!”