I was hoping that Céline the mule would be accompanying me for the whole journey.

Things turned out differently.


Céline, the mule that I bought at Steve Edwards’ ranch, was my travel mate in April and May. Early in the morning on Friday 25 May, she lost her life in an accident with her tether.

Céline was strong-willed, brave, of a sound constitution, well trained and very endearing.

Her previous owner, a woman of over 70, had ridden her for fifteen years.

She had become bilingual in French and English and taught me how to boost my confidence and become a trail rider. She loved the journey we had embarked on, especially the grazing stops, and in particular after the arrival of our new travel mate, Frog, on 14 May. She had taken on the task of teaching her how to be a pack mule and encouraged her through the difficult parts. 


Thank you Céline for the joy I experienced by your side along the way.






Card made by Hugo and Carol, my hosts in Grants (New Mexico), after Céline’s death

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