Champ was my mount mule from 18 June to 21 September 



The name Champ apparently comes from “Champion”, but I think of him as Champ as in “Champagne”, in tribute to the Champagne house Mathé, who was my grandmother!

Champ is our latest recruit: this jack mule replaced Céline and Kitty, my previous mounts, on 18 June. Champ is an 18-year-old granddad of a mule but he has quickly gained muscle walking through the Rockies. His previous owner, who lives in Salida, bought him so that his wife could learn horse riding the gentle way. Champ learned how to pace his energy and overcome all kinds of obstacles. After starting out as a corral mule, he has is now a diehard hiking fan! Champ is a good old mule, always willing, very affectionate and he REALLY likes his food! 





When we arrived at the Canadian border, he joined Paula’s team of horses in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he has been living happily ever since. She renamed him "Tecumseh" after the famous Indian Chief, and he is now Paula’s Number One riding Mule.