Kitty Kat



Kitty Kat joined the team on 31 May and replaced my mule Céline, who had accompanied me since the start of the voyage before Celine died in an accident on 25 May 2012. 

Miss Kitty, as she is called affectionately, was found by my friend Paula close to her home in Los Lunas (Albuquerque, New Mexico). Her color is unusual, like “desert sand” with scattered zebra stripes. She has strong, sharp bones, solid hooves and beautiful eyes and long ears that everyone falls for! She has been well trained, has had a lot of experience, especially of the mountains, because she was used by a mule trainer for courses in the mountains. What’s most striking about her, though, is her gentle character and willingness. She’s a “pet mule” who likes human company and would rather mooch around the tent than explore further afield.  






Unfortunately, Kitty had to leave the team on 13 June 2012 after a short week of travelling together: she damaged her muscles and broke a tooth in a struggle on the snow in the San Luis pass north of Creede (Colorado). 


Thank you Kitty for your kindly disposition and bravery during the short time we spent together. 







She was adopted by Paula and lived happily in Albuquerque (New Mexico) until she died of natural causes in January 2013. Living with two other donkeys was wonderful for her and she became the Queen of the Donkeys!